Problems with Athleta

  1. Has anyone puchased clothing from Athleta? Have you had problems with their shipping? I stopped ordering from them a couple of years ago due to their really slow shipping (even expedited service wasn't shipped out for days and days). I decided to give them another try last week and I'm experiencing problems again.

    My package hasn't arrived, they can't track it, etc.
  2. I have one thing to say...that is their whole business...if they can't get it to you promptly...never order again.
  3. Good advice!!!! I should have followed my gut instincts and ordered elsewhere.:nuts:
  4. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear this!! I've been ordering from them for years and never have had any problems :shrugs: .
  5. Good news today!!! After a lot of e-mails and phone calls I got my package!!!! The customer service were super helpful....but very disorgainzed! Anyway, I'm thrilled with my purchases (lots of shorts and the "All That" capri pants in three colors).

    I'll give them another try. I do like their products.!:yes:
  6. Oh Leelee, what a relief! :yahoo: I wonder if they are going through a lot of changes or moving a warehouse or something if the shipping is disorganized. No excuse for that but a curiosity.

    Yeah, I LOVE Athleta - I've left a lot of money behind with 'em over the years :graucho: . enjoy your new purchases!
  7. I ordered from them a long time ago. I don't remember a problem with shipping but the Nike or Adidas motif peeled off and I wash items in delicate and hang to dry. I have found that they do a good job of finding really cute stuff from each line but you can go online to adidas, nike, etc., and find the same stuff. They do put out a cute catalog, though.
  8. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    They sure do!!!!
  9. I LOOOOOVE Athleta, too, and I have never been disappointed with their service or shipping. But I know how frustrated you were.

    I gave up on Victoria's Secret catalog orders, because a week would go by and my package would not have even left the warehouse (and the item was in-stock and not on backorder). I even had my name removed from the mailing list., because I was so angry (and I didn't want to be tempted to order again....because some of their clothes are cute). For goodness sake, a mail order company should have your order out the SAME day or the very NEXT day, for sure.

    Girls, we need to vote with our pocket books!
  10. Shoeangel you are so right about voting with our pocket books!!!! The problems you had with Victoria's Secrete are similar to what I experienced in the past with Athleta. I do have to say that this time with all my problems, though, Athleta did send me a $15 gift certificate and credited my account for the expedited shipping charges. So that's something.:yes:
  11. I never had a problem with them, love their online outlet type sales. I have lots of yoga pants from them and they are still great looking after 2-3 years. I think they have excellent quality clothing.

  12. That's good news! I too love their styles -- I like their "All That" capris and pants for stretch class. (It's a yoga-based class designed for dancers). I really don't know where else to get good stuff. Nike, Adidas, Puma, Prana, etc. don't suit me at all. I tried some of the workout wear from BraSmyth and the tops were wonderful ( I bought some made by Hanro and a couple of others whose name I don't remember), but the bottoms just didn't work. But the Athleta bottoms were great -- good fit and stye.

    I definitely like to wear appropriate, nice clothing to class. It is important to me to look well-groomed at the studio.

    Since everybody else has had good service with Athleta I'll give them another try. :yes:
  13. I liked most of the things I ordered from Athleta. But returning the items I didn't want has been pretty cumbersome. If it doesn't get resolved I won't order from them again. Who knows, it could be a fluke, but I think they need to improve the process to make it easier to do returns.