Problem with the keyhole in the MC Speedy 30

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  1. The keyhole (the round ring) of my MC Speedy 30 came off, and I just bought the bag. I pushed it back in, but it would be pretty embarrassing if it happens again in public. Did this ever happened to any of you guys?
  2. i'd return the bag for a new one.
    If it happened in public i'm sure i wouldnt have noticed, or at least noticed where it feel off.
  3. sorry... I don't understand, which keyhole??? lol I don't recall a round ring either....:shrugs:
  4. Yeah, which keyhole is this? The whole gold piece of hardware on the side?
  5. if your bag is fairly new, any defect I would take it back and ask for a new speedy.
  6. I'm not understanding what exactly came off either. I looked on mine and I don't see a "round ring". Can you explain a bit more. :smile:
  7. the keyhole on the side of the bag where you stick the key in to lock or unlock it. the ring around it came off.
  8. Wow.... I thought that "ring" was one piece of metal with the rest of the hardware.... hmmmm... I don't think it's normal, you should go back to LV and ask for their advice!
  9. I agree with cec.lv4eva...

    I just looked at mine, and the round ring looks like it is made with the entire "square" hardware.... I would totally take that back because it doesn't even appear that the circle thingy can even come off by itself?
  10. Yeah same here..that's why I asked if it was the whole gold part around it.
    Do take it back..
  11. I took to the LV store today and the SA pounded the ring back into the keyhole. My problem now is that the ring has a dent around it.
  12. Will eluxury still exchanged my slightly used MC speedy 30 if there is a keyhole defect to it? The decorative ring around the keyhole keeps coming off. Also, I hate the thought of them destroying this bag just because of this slight defect.
  13. Depends if they consider it a defect, or normal waer and tear.