Problem with shoulder strap - any advice?

  1. I just bought this Miu Miu Perforated Satchel at Net-A-Porter. I LOVE it - but I took it out yesterday, wore it crossbody and the shoulder strap came undone. It looks like the fastener doesnt close completely, and can snap off randomly. NAP has no more of this bag, has anyone had a similar prob? Do you think I could contact Miu Miu directly to get a new strap? I appreciate any help!! Its my first Miu Miu and I do love it but im bummed about the strap.:confused1:
    miu_miu_perfo.jpg strap_prob.jpg
  2. I had this same thing happen with the one and only Miu Miu I've owned. I sent the whole bag back and didn't get another. Good luck getting it resolved. Not sure if a strap replacement is available since I didnt try that route.