Problem with my new Ali, I need advice!

  1. Oh no! I just got my new Ali with gold trim. I LOVE the way it looks, but I get the feeling it has to go. It's too BIG. And not in a Lily way. :crybaby: Is it just me? Do you get used to the size as you wear it more? I just feel like it's overpowering me. I looked at everyone's pics and it looked great on them.

    Does anyone have this in the smaller size, the shoulder flap? I'm just so sad right now, I love the gold even more in person but the size is so awkward. But then again I've never had a bigger purse like this, so maybe I'll just get used to it. Any advice??

    And I don't know why it looks like I have a photoshopped camera in my hand in the first pic, haha.
    aliforum12.jpg aliforum22.jpg aliforum23.jpg aliforum24.jpg
  2. If you are used to carrying smaller handbags it will feel funny at first. But once you get used to it and all you can carry -small purses look like evening bags to you. I think it looks good on you, but if you dont like it maybe you should look for a smaller handbag.
  3. I think it looks great on you! Maybe you're just not used to it?
  4. Are you kidding? it is FABULOUS!! Just fabulous on you!! It may take some getting used but hot dang you look great with that Ali!
  5. I used to think the Ali was too big, too, and then I saw people carrying them IRL. I was amazed because it always looked like the perfect sized bag, regardless of whether the person was big or small.

    I think it looks great on you!
  6. I think it look stunning on you! I think you may need to get used to it.
  7. You are rockin' that Ali! :supacool: I agree with everyone. You are probably not used to a larger bag. It will grow on you. I LOVE the gold! :tup:
  8. For me, Ali is far too big. I sold her on eBay.
  9. I think it looks nice but a little big. BUT I do not care for bigger bags so I'm biased.
  10. I would wait and see and if you are not comfortable with the size, sell her... BUT I have to say it looks AMAZING on you!!!! :yes:
  11. I like how it looks on you! Take it out for a spin and see what you think. If you still don't like it, put it up for sale and get something smaller. I thought my ergo hobo was too big at first but I like how it slouches since it's not all filled up with stuff!
  12. really? i think it looks really good on your shoulder and petite frame. maybe you're just not used to wearing large bags? i know i'm not. i'm a short 5'2'' and i feel like they drown me. so all my purses are pretty small on my arms or shoulder. whenever i go to coach and try on the bigger totes, my friend says they look good on me. but to me, they look awkward and large...maybe because i'm not used to it. maybe you could let it grow on you for a week or two? if you're still not feeling it, then maybe you should sell it. but i really love that gold trim. i've never seen that actually! looks gorgeous! congrats!
  13. You know, you guys are right. The bag is cute, and I can always get rid of it later if I just can't handle a big bag. It is so cute though, I'm staring at it in the corner in the room. Thank you for all of your opinions!
  14. It looks absolutely fabulous on you!! I'd try to get used to it:yes: