problem: see through skirts!

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  1. Hey! I've had this problem with a skirt and two dresses: they aren't really see through but when the light falls in a certain way you can clearily see my legs through the fabric. Some people don't mind this at all, but I do. Any solutions, suggestions?

  2. Personally, I don't think that is a problem unless it is for work, a funeral, or when you meet a boyfriend's parents for the first time.:yes:
  3. Can you wear a slip with it?
  4. A slip that is close to color of the skirt.. if you're wearing a dark color, a black slip will work.. white with anything else.
  5. thnx, but where do you buy a slip?

    Leggings aren't really a solution: than you still can see my legs. I'm a teacher and think it's inapropriate.
  6. You can buy a slip at any department store, lingerie section.
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