Problem - Advice, Please :)

  1. Hi Everyone, :tup:

    I have a problem on eBay, and I think I've decided on how to handle it, but I wanted opinions first.

    So a bag comes up that I really like. It's a 10-day listing, and I've been so desperate for the bag that I decided to send the seller a message asking if they had an extra that they would be willing to sell for a fixed price. They get back to me in a slightly arrogant tone, saying, "Dear buyer: As we said in the listing this is the last one. But if you make me an offer that's reasonable I can end the listing anytime 24 hours before it ends and make the deal." First of all, I thought it was a bit unethical to end it when there were already 3 bidders. It started at $9.99 and had gone up to $26. I offered them $105 + their $16 shipping charge (this is not an expensive bag so I do think that was reasonable). The total would be $121, but I did not state that, as I did not think it was necessary. I thought they could do the math. They replied with, "A little bit lower. How about $130 including shipping?" That was so close to my $121 total that I thought they may have misunderstood and thought I only offered $105. I sent them a message clearing that up, but didn't agree yet to pay $130. They never got back to me.

    I sent them another message asking whether they had gotten my last message, and again cleared things up. They responded only with, "Sorry, we cannot accept your offer." I sent them a message finally agreeing to pay $130. At that point there were about 6 or 7 days left in the auction. They responded, saying, "We are very sorry that we can not accept your offer now because it has been 3 days. If I finished the bid now, it will be unfair to the other bidders." Whoa! So it wasn't unfair to the first 3 bidders, but now it's unfair?? I responded, explaining that they set the price at $130 and I was now willing to pay it, and said they could end it anytime 24 hours before the ending. They didn't respond. That was September 18th. They get back to me this morning, the 22nd, when there are less than 3 days left in the auction. The price was at $76. I will copy and paste their response.

    "Acturally thank you very much for your understanding! We have ended the list. If you still want it, please give us a message and your paypal address, we can send you the invoice through paypal. Thanks and have a nice day!"

    ....wait a minute. So it's fair now, with MORE bidders than before, to end it? What, just because they didn't get enough money for it, and they were afraid it wouldn't get any higher? So NOW they want to accept my offer, after previously ignoring me?? And I noticed that a lot of the bidders had only 1 or 2 feedbacks, even one with 0. I know this doesn't mean anything for sure, but considering the games this seller is playing with me now, I wouldn't be surprised if they are shill bidding with different accounts. And not only that, but they ERASED all the bids! I looked under Completed Listings and there are now 0 bids for it, and it says the seller ended it early because of an error in the listing. Yeah right. I feel this seller is going back and forth with me, and I don't think I can trust them, even if I do want the bag really badly. I sent them a message asking if they wanted my original offer or just above where the bidding was at (even though I know they purposely ended it because it wasn't high enough - and I was their last resort), though I'm no longer serious about the transaction. I know they wouldn't have said a word to me if it had gone to $130+. I feel like, with their fake little apology, they're being a kiss-@** (sorry for the language). I know if I keep trying, I can find it somewhere else for a better deal. What do you guys think of all this?

    I know this may not seem like that big of a deal, but I've never had an encounter with this dishonest a seller before. I appreciate your taking the time to read this, and any advice you can give. Thank you!
  2. I would not accept nor pay a PP invoice for the item outside of eBay as you have little protection. They should have added a BIN price to the listing and let you buy it through eBay.
  3. Yes, you're right. They shouldn't be doing an outside-of-eBay transaction, and they should not have just ended it like that. I don't think they would take the money and disappear, but I'm not 100% sure, and that's the problem. I don't trust this guy, nor do I wish to have any future contact with him. He lied to me, then came back when he felt there was nowhere else to go. He keeps changing his mind - how do I know he'll even send it? Will he change his mind about that??

    Of course, I could file a claim with PayPal, but that is very tedious.
  4. walk away from this seller.....I wouldn't message them back or give them any PP at all......block them from emailing safe......just my opinion....
  5. Honestly .. everything that seller did was unethical ... which would make me very wary of dealing with them in any way shape or form. Walk away .. I know you really want the bag .. but it's just not worth the hassle! Another bag will come along!
  6. Maybe you irked him from your first email asking if he had another bag when it was already stated there was only one so he's playing with you now:shrugs:
  7. I definitely wouldnt give them any money...AT ALL. Some sellers are so rude!
  8. I could be wrong, but I think that in order to cancel an auction with bids, a seller has to cancel all the bids out first and then cancel the auction - that may be why you're seeing the 0 bids on it.

    If you want to check to see if they were shill bidding, you can check the locations of the other bidders; if they're all the same one as the seller, that's a red flag.

    But if he's ending 2 days before the auction, I don't necessarily think he's panicking about the final price, since 2 days is still a lot of time left, and many bidders will wait until the end to raise the price. Any experienced seller would know that.

    If I was the seller and doing what they were offering (ending auction and doing an off-Ebay transaction), I probably would have sent the invoice first and then ended the auction after it was paid. That way you are covered if the proposed buyer backs out. When the seller sent you the email, it said "if you still want it" which kind of sounds like they are at least aware of the idea that you might back out. Which sounds like they are willing to relist it anyway?

    You can always write back and say, "When I didn't hear back from you after my last email, I assumed that you were no longer interested in selling the bag early and I decided to set my sights elsewhere." Let us know what ultimately happens!
  9. egh, i wouldn't go through with it. he's wierd.
  10. Thank you menopausalmama and bagwhore1, I shouldn't have sent him anything, but I figured I'd give him one last message to ponder over.

    SolidGold - The wording in his auction was severely messed up, just like his grammar. The way in which he stated that this was the last one was not clear at all. Nothing like, "This is the last one! Get it while you can!" His auction was very confusing, just like the way he does business. Whether I irked him or not is no reason for him to do what he's doing.

    venetiawanter and cherll - Thank you for your advice, I do appreciate it.

    sailornep5 - I will make sure to check their locations. That's what I was thinking! It could've gone up in the last 2 days, probably the last 10 seconds! Only thing is, I DON'T think he's experienced, and that's probably why he's being so ignorant. He definitely should not be bouncing back and forth between "I'll end it!...It's unfair....How about this?...I can't accept your offer....I ended it!...I've accepted your offer." So yeah, you're right, and he shouldn't be doing things outside of eBay without an invoice. Your suggested response makes perfect sense, wish I had used that. LOL Thank you for your input!
  11. Sorry to double-post, but I got a reply from him, and wanted to update:

    "I ended it because ebay set the wrong timing for me and this bid will be ended at 1 am on Monday, so I decided I will not let this bid going any more. If you want it, i will sale it to you at $130 instead of relist."

    What sense does that make?? There's no WAY I'm dealing with this guy, but at sailornep's request, I'm letting you know how it turned out.

    I actually figured out I can't check for the locations of the potential shill bidders, since all the bids were erased when the listing was "ended." Anyways, this guy's dishonest and just messing with me. So how come he didn't see his listing was ending at an inconvenient time 5 days ago? Why did he wait until now? That's a pathetic explanation. So I'm finished with him.