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  1. I'm looking for a product for my actene and trust me I tried more than I can think and still nothing seem to work I will always get a break out and there not the regular pimple but they more like crystal acne! I want to try proactive but i'm bait hestitan I heard good and bad about it! :thinking:
  2. I started using it about 18 months ago. I had mild acne rosacea and after trying so many treatments, creams and prescribed medication and having them all fail, I took the plunge.

    Within ~4 weeks of using it, my rosacea had completely gone and it hasn't returned. My skin is clear and I feel so much more confident. The first two weeks in my skin felt quite dry, but the documentation that came with the products said that this can sometimes happen and it will pass - and it did.

    I continue to use Proactiv and I can only imagine that I will continue to use it in the future.
  3. I used Proactiv when I was younger and my skin was pretty bad. It did nothing for me, which was pretty disappointing at the time. I guess it depends on your skin type, because I've known people that got great results. I was told by an acquaintance who worked at a pharmacy to go to CVS or Walgreens or any other drugstore if I wanted to try it again, because they'll always have a generic Proactiv -- same ingredients, a little cheaper.

    A little OT, but I went to the mall near my apartment for the first time since moving here last weekend and they had a giant Proactiv vending machine lol
  4. I used it about 6years ago and it burned my skin. It made my acne worst than it was. I am so glad I bought it from QVC, because I sent it all back and got a refund. It was the worst.
  5. my husband used it for his mild acne and it made his face SOOO much worse, We finally figured out he has sensitive skin which was the cause of his breakouts, I now have him using lush which is natural (no chemicals) and his skin is crystal clear.. I know everyone isnt the same but acne can be cause from sensitivity of these harsh products.
  6. When I was using it, it was awesome.. But as soon as I stopped my acne seemed to come back ten fold :sad: It was an amazing product WHILE I was using it though!
  7. i used it about 6 or 7 years ago and it actually worked quite well. i was very happy with it.
  8. I didn't have too much acne during my teen years but I definitely used Proactive to clear up what I had. It worked really well for me.

    My brother had pretty bad acne and it worked wonders for him as well.

    My cousin used it and didn't work for her at all.

    I think you just kind of have to try it to see if it works for you or not. It's really hit or miss.
  9. I used it for about six months before giving up on it, but it did nothing for my skin other than make it really dry. I think it was the toner that did this. It did nothing for my acne though. You're better off going to a dermatologist and getting a prescription. IMO, this product is all about the celebrity endorsements & money spent on advertisement rather than a quality product.
  10. thanks for all the input.... i would like to go to a dermatologist but i don't want to take acutane i think that's what it called since i have my brother take it good in a way but not good i mean the acne reduce but once he stop still there. also i have 60 days to return it and if it doesn't work ill try something else again!! i have nothing to lose since i try not to pop mu pimple to leave any scar!! I also use oxy pad it use to reduce my pimple now it doesn't do much it just make my face very oily!!

    If i do ill update you guys if there any improvement!!
  11. Accutane isn't the only acne medication dermatologists recommend--- in fact, it's the "last resort." They only use it if you've tried about everything else they can throw at you and none of it's worked, because it can have pretty serious side effects (my cousin used it for her acne, and it damaged her liver).

    Dermatologists do have many milder medication that are much more effective than things like Proactive that don't require a prescription. I'm using Stievamycin for my minor acne, and it's been really effective. And a good thing about the one I'm using is, it not only works on acne that I have right now, but fades scarring & minimizes pores & evens out skin tone. The price is also cheaper than Proactive, so it was a no brainer for me.
  12. Correct! I was put on Accutane 6yrs ago after I had tried everything else my doc gave me (including other oral acne medications). Accutane was the best thing ever, but I was very scared to death to take it. There are serious side effects from it. I did not have any side effects at all, but I am not the norm.
  13. Agree with the above (though I did not get mine through QVC and their return policy or allowance is HORRIBLE with ProActiv). I was burned (even on the sensitive line), and I don't agree with their business practices.

    Each time we called up to cancel, we were told we were canceled, then they continued to send products and bill us. Took about 6 months to get the billing undone.
  14. As a teenager I didn't have bad acne (basic face cleanser was enough to keep it away), but when I turned 20 I started developing cystic acne that just would not go away. I tried Proactive, and it worked for a little while (a year or two). It was really drying for my skin, so I only used it once a day, and during the winter I would double up on moisturizer (use the Proactive one and a different one). Sometimes, especially in winter, my face would become extremely itchy because of it.

    As soon as I stopped using Proactive, the acne came back. I had to use it consistently (it got to the point where if I missed a single day, I would break out within a couple hours), and eventually it just stopped working. I had the same problem as Bunny when I tried to cancel - they kept sending me more and more, and I kept having to call and cancel. Really annoying.
  15. Proactiv worked for me while I used it the first time. But upon stopping, my face went into oil production overdrive and things got much, much worse. When I went back to Proactiv it did nothing.

    What worked for me was a prescription ointment, clindamycin. It only takes a TINY amount on the affected areas in the evening and it works better than anything I've ever tried. If I feel a pimple developing somewhere, I apply the gel and it never materializes. It may be worth discussing with a dermatologist.