Private Practice

  1. I can't wait to see this show! I really like Addison especially after her transformation from the ***** to the totally vulnerable person. :tup:

    She's so pretty and so human that I feel I can really relate to her.. much more than the others... :smile:

    What do you think?

    I think this show will also be a big hit! :woohoo:
  2. Meh. I didn't like the "pilot" disguised as a Grey's I'm not enthused about the cast on the show. I honestly don't know if I'll watch, but I should probably TiVo it just in case.
  3. I love Addison, fav character on Greys..the little of Greys that I watch. And Kate Walsh is absolutely gorgeous IMO.
  4. WOOHOO :woohoo: This is the 1 show besides Project Runway that I am DYING to watch :woohoo: Can't wait :woohoo:

    I'm so over Grey's. Meridith is getting annoying just like the last few seasons of Ally McBeal.
  5. I wasn't that impressed based on what I saw on Gray's, BUT Addison was my favorite character, so I'll give it a shot.
  6. I just watched the first episode, I thought it was good... not spectacular but there's room for improvement. I thought the bits with the tile-counting mom was really touching... (very fictional but touching nonetheless)
    Addison is so adorable!
  7. I thought it was pretty good too. It's nice to see Addison a little more carefree.
  8. It was ok, still waiting to see the rest of the ensemble come out and shine.

    Too bad Merrin Dungey got replaced as Naomi. Audra MacDonald seems to be doing well so far though.
  9. I liked it but not loved it. I need to get to know the other characters better before they actually suck me in. I hope it turns out to be as good or better than Greys.
  10. I watched it last night...but (please don't kill me), but I found the show really annoying. In the first few minutes, with Addison trying to be more "carefree" - it came off as though she was trying to hard to endear herself to the viewers. It was really hard for me to watch, especially since I liked the character on Grey's.
  11. I thought it wasn't the best. Love Kate Walsh so I hope it gets better in the next few episodes.... they just all seemed uncomfortable with acting and their characters.... everything seemed so forced... maybe (hopefully) first episode jitters?
  12. Oh I am glad other people did not like it too, I really really hated it!!!! I really expected more from it... or something different. Sure, it is a Grey's spinoff, but it should be its own show- able to stand on its own. Instead it was a want to be Grey's- following the same sort of sequence, but with a less thrilling set up and plot. Who else could have called it that the girl giving birth would nearly die in the room and Addison saves the day. Ugh, did not like it at all!!!!
  13. I thought it decent for a first episode. Curious, why did they change the actress for the Naomi character?
  14. I was really dissapointed. Really boring. also why did they change the person playing her best friend? The new women looks really manly and it was hard to watch her.
  15. Yeah I was bothered by the suddenly different Naomi and the lack of sexual tension between her and the front office surfer guy!!! I really liked the other Naomi, she was sassy.

    Overall, it wasn't that great. The dead guy and Addison to the rescue and the woman in the store all seemed forced and none were very interesting...Addison and Pete need to have more interaction ;o)