"Private" ? LVR sale of 05 Balenciaga Bags

  1. Hi Gals,

    I am contemplating a Chloe -> Balenciaga cross over :upsidedown:

    In the meantime, I just got a notice from LVR on a private(?) non-website based sale of three 05 bags:

    a smallish fuschia
    a small satin pink
    a clutch with a removable handle in wine

    and an ivory boobie :P

    I'm probably crazy to pass on these bags, but I'm on a serious purse ban until I can part with at least one of my xxx paddy's :angel:

    Good luck!!
  2. oh, ok so that is what is left from the sale last week. There was more, a lot of 06 stuff, I know the cities sold out. I'm surprised there is a smallish fuschia? maybe a magenta shoulder... or metallic magenta. interesting!
  3. I'm surprsied that that there are Boobies left!
  4. its a magenta shoulder. blah.
  5. Is it metallic or regular magenta?
  6. What is LVR?
  7. LVR = Luisa Via Roma

    The clutch is listed as "wine", very similar to an ox-blood or grenat or bordeaux color. Non-metallic.

    The fuschia has handles and a strap.
  8. Thanks
  9. C'mon over to the dark side, hmwe46! You'll love it!:yes:
  10. :choochoo: Hi hmwe!!!!!!!!!! C'mon and join the Bal girls (or bad girls)!!!!!!!!!!!:choochoo: :choochoo:
  11. The fushia is a mini classique
  12. Hey I just got the "fushia" mini classique from the sale yesterday, and just a heads up, it's really really small...yet still adorable. It will be a nice bag for going out when you only need to carry a few things.
  13. Zac and Hippiechic you are totally encouraging me!! Bad :nuts:

    Congrats on the fuscia bag SilverFire!! It was sooo cute!!!! :yahoo:
  14. No, we are not encouraging you...we are enabling you!!:lol:
  15. yes, we are enablers. Welcome to our addiction. You will be forever broke from hereon in....