Prison Break - purse related query!

  1. I am watching season 2 of prison break and am in love with Sara Tancredi's bag/purse - the one she has taken on the run with her. Does anyone know who this bag is by? Thanks!
  2. Can you locate a picture of it anywhere on the web?
  3. :yes: it's $209! Sara rocks.


  4. Thanks so much - it's on my wishlist now!!
  5. DAMN! You guys are GOOD! She's wearing the Minilisa in brusciato by TANO. Sara wayne Callies saw Tano bags in Fred Segal in LA and fell in love. Her agent called Tano to get her a freebie. She got the Analisa (larger version from last year) in brown. She loved the bag so much that she wrote a personal thank you note to Tano for it. (They have it pinned up on their bulletin board in their office) She then decided that she wanted to use the bag on the show. Once wardrobe approved it, they bought two (in case one got damaged) of the newer version (Minilisa in brusciato) from my online store. She' s a huge fan! (so is Cameraon Diaz, by the way- she's called Tano for bags twice so far. She loves the names of the bags, and giggles when she talks to Tano's designer!)
  6. THAT is an AMAZING bag!!!!!!! I might actually watch the show now...hahaha
  7. Wow, that is the coolest! I love that show --- I can't believe we have to wait until fall for it to start up again! I may have to get this bag just because she has it! :graucho:
  8. Haha, I just got the bag because I saw it on the show. I love her character, and I love the bag even more.

    Is the bag on the show really Minilisa or is it Analisa? Because the Minilisa I ordered did not have the black zipper showing on the side, it has that light brown zipper instead. The Analisa is the one with the black zipper on the side, right? For those who still want to get it, I think thatourbag is offering it on closeout for only $139.

    The bag on the show is actually very worn out, because it's been through a got thrown out a window, and she's been carrying it while on the run. Unfortunately, we will no longer see the bag on the show as Dr. Sara left in Chicago, apparently.

    Alexandra: Nice to see you here. I was the one who ordered a bag from you last week, had it delivered in Chicago. I'm giving the Minilisa as a gift to my cousin there, but I will be ordering my own soon. And the Love Boat in blue too. I'm happy to have discovered Tano.
  9. The bag that Sarah got for her own personal use was the brown analisa. It was my understanding that it was used several times on the show before wardrobe ordered two brown minilisas so that she could "have her bag back." I dont recall the brown Analisa ever having black exposed zipper tape, but those types of details Tano often changes from season to season. In any case, you are hearing it straight from "the horse's mouth"- I shipped two bags overnight to the prison break wardrobe manager a few months ago!
  10. Alexandra: Are the Minilisa and the Analisa essentially the same bag, only the Minilisa is slightly smaller?
  11. They are the same bag exactly, its just that minilisa is about 10% smaller. Tano thought the analisa was a smidge too big so they sized it down a tiny bit and its been a MUCH better seller since.
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