Prince Harry and Meghan Markle thread


Jan 28, 2019
Latest info - since we have 70 days until coronation, we should expect about 80 more changes-of-mind.

Geez I wish they would give it a rest already. This constant barrage of will they won’t they attend the Coronation just to keep themselves in the news is so tiresome. They’re so thick they can’t see that they’re not welcome. Nobody wants them at the coronation and nobody cares if they fell off the face of the earth tomorrow.


Jul 31, 2015
Thank you for this HBO link!

I watched Fake Famous yesterday and once again--the things I learn on TPF! Pretty sad that this is all TW/Doofus can do to earn any $$$ though it won't be enough to support their preferred lifestyle. She's probably hoping with gassing up the Tig again, it will make her desirable to some major brand that will pay her the big bucks, and they will have to be BIG bucks. Ntflx & Spotty and various books deals haven't been enough money, though that's even if what we have read payment-wise is true. I know I'm not clicking anymore links or pics.
If their Q rating continues to decline no one with the deep pockets she's looking for will touch them. They're not star athletes who can command big endorsement deals. He's revealed himself to be more of a toad than a prince and his title is his only value. She's a nobody riding his coattails. They really have nothing to offer in exchange for the many millions they think they're worth.

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Jan 30, 2007

Ohh… someone in that thread pointed out something I’ve missed for years: a reason why they targeted Rose.

I thought it was just coincidence. But the Marquess of Cholmondeley is a filmmaker who has directed two movies with some very respectable talented casts. While not Hollywood (actually doing his inherited job does take time and hard work) I think it’s probably fair to say he’s in a position to have heard gossip that a certain someone wouldn’t want the royal family to hear.

Or he didn’t express interest in casting MeGain in his next indie film…

I mean, this might all be a conspiracy theory. Maybe Megan didn’t make up the rumors to hurt her sister-in-law. And maybe I should invest in swine-manure proof umbrellas; just in case pigs start flying.
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