Primary rhinoplasty advice needed ?autologous rib or ?silicone :)

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  1. Hi all, I'm planning for primary rhinoplasty. I am torn between silicone or rib. I know the risks associated with longer recovery and donor site issues for rib rhino. But I wonder if it's worth the short term pain given that rib is supposed to last longer with less long term complications such as extrusion/ infection etc.
    Having said that, I know rib rhino has its own issues as well, especially if the surgeon is not skilled enough.
    I am hoping that this will be my only rhinoplasty and don't want to risk needing revisions etc.
    I would appreciate any thoughts/ ideas/ advice from anyone willing to share their views.

    Also for those who are dependant on eye glasses to function- how did u manage after rhinoplasty? taping it to your forehead? LOL I'm literally half blind without them :smile:

    Any advice for good clinics for Rib Rhino in Seoul?
    Thanks for reading!! :smile:
  2. Hi Elleen,

    As you can imagine how difficult it is to choose between using Rib for Rhinoplasty or using an artificial implant, you can understand the stress that I am going to warn you about. There is no 100% guarantee that your primary rhino will be successful, especially for Rib Rhinoplasty. You will be 100x more stressed should u need a revision.

    You still have a chance to walk away, not to get entangled in this stressful web of rhinoplasty.
    You can see evidently that before you even come in, you are already stressful right.
    But the difference is that you still have a choice, but not for us who have already fell in.

    I would advise against using Rib for rhinoplasty unless you have an accident or your nose is in really bad shape.
    I did Rib Rhinoplasty for my primary, believing in the doctor who told me that it was the best choice for me but it was the worst mistake of my life. Rib Rhinoplasty is imperfect. Do more research in this forum and you will find that many like me had results that needed revisions or are forced to accept the imperfections in our noses and carry on with our lives. It simply can't yield a good result readily like a smooth artificial implant.

    Why you are avoiding artificial implants is because of the fear of infection, extrusion and so on.
    Which I believe is very real, that's why I chose Rib Rhinoplasty in the first place.
    But now, I may have to choose an artificial implant for my revision.

    If you really must have rhinoplasty. I believe a soft silicone implant is less invasive and has much higher chance for a good result. It is easier to rectify in a revision too.

    If I have a chance to choose again.
    I will not put myself in such a stressful position where I have no choice but to choose.
    One poison or the other, hoping for heaven.

    Step back for a moment Elleen, before you make your decision. There will be no turning back.
    I am not trying to be a party pooper, but I wish someone had told me what a big decision and commitment Rhinoplasty is.
    It will test your very mental strength should you not like the result after your rhinoplasty.
    Good luck and God Bless.
  3. Where did you have your first rhinoplasty done?
  4. I had my primary in Singapore.
    I don't wish to name the clinic as Singapore is a very small place.
    Just don't jump into Rib Rhinoplasty, be very careful and do more research.
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  5. Hi, I'm really curious to know the clinic you went for your rib nose job. I'm currently searching for rhinoplasty in SG. If you don't mind, can you tell me the clinic pls? It would definitely help me in my decision making. Thanks!
  6. During my consultation for rhino revision, I was told by a number of doctors that there are risk of warping with rib due to the nature of rib shape. The rib shape is bent and will have the tendency to go back to its shape. The alternative is to have it diced and wrapped, which may help reduce warping possibility.

    I have had friends and known people who chose to get autologous rib, thinking that it's a better choice, it's not.

    @Featheric made excellent points on rib vs. Soft silicone implant, as well as the risks involved.

    I would ask people in the forum who has had rib implants and ask how their long term results are, how happy they are, etc. before making your final decision.

    Good luck in your decision making.
  7. I did my nose job 4th time :sad:
    In my case doctor suggested me to go with rib (due to infection caused by implant). It has been 2 years now and I don't have any problem so far. You better visit as many clinics as possible
  8. TL does rib rhinoplasty? thats where you go your last rhinoplasty right?