Prices of cambon etc

  1. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the prices of the smaller reporter bag and the other cambon pieces and the other cambon pieces. I hate asking in the store as I think it annoys the assistants especially if I dont buy! Also, does anyone know the prices in GBP? And did they go up in price when the flaps did? And what colour schemes can you get now?
  2. I think the small reporter bag is 2650-something like that. The big one is 3175.
  3. The bowler bag is NOW £745, it was £680, I know that the large tote was £660 and meduim £625 and small £545, however I am assuming they went up in the price increase by around £65 also. The small cambon wallet (with 6 cc slots) is £250 the medium (3 cc slots) £225 the long £325 and large check book wallet with zip around is £375. Hope this helps x
  4. The large cambon tote as far as i remember was £780. The mini reporter was approx £1250++. :yes:
  5. Thanks!