Prices .. ILD vs the D&B website

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  1. I have been thinking about how odd the pricing is between these sites so there must be something I'm not understanding. The ILD site has the zip zip plum satchel for $119 and the regular D&B site has it for $198. Is the ILD site a true factory site where the quality is different and thus the price is lower? I bought my olive zip zip from ILD and the quality looks perfect to me, identical to the full price zip zips in Macy's. There are other bags that appear on both sites for different prices plus for the longest time the dark gray zip zip was on ILD for $119 and now it's back on regular Dooney for $198. Would someone explain the relationship between these two sites. Thanks.
  2. WV: no one can explain the pricing. At any time Dooney can have different prices on the same item in their retail boutiques, outlet stores,, and ILD. And the prices are sometimes lower in the retail boutiques when they are running a sale. And there are 3 ILD outlets (, and ILD on Amazon, and ILD on ebay) and sometimes the prices are different). There is no logic that I can see.

    Technically, and Dooney retail boutiques are first quality and newest styles and colors, and outlet stores and ILD may have items/colors that are last season, over-runs, or less than perfect. But in my experience, you can get perfect items in any of these places and items with defects from any of these places. Of course, clearance at the outlets may be irregulars.
    If you are ordering online or by phone, just be sure you understand the return policy on the item you order, in case it has a defect when you get it. Return policies are very confusing, and even in the same Dooney store they will vary based upon how the item was priced.
  3. Thanks so much. I'll just shop all those places when I have an item that I really want, knowing that it's a confusing territory from the get-go. Thanks again.
  4. I've been wondering about that myself. I've randomly check ILD site from time to time and scored the best deals there for not a lot of money.
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