Price of Gucci Waist Belt bag?

  1. Im thinking I suddenly need this, however I cant find it on or so I want to know how much it's going to set me back :sad:
  2. ask swanky she just picked one up...i know in canada they are $570CDN
  3. actually they are on Go to the luggage section then click on the belt bags category. The site says they are $435.
  4. Woops, thanks so much! I didn't even think of looking in the luggage section. :biggrin:
  5. I want one of these gucci belt bags so bad but I just cant push myself to pay retail!!
  6. i just brought the mini one in pink from the cruise collection. love it, very practical and i use it heaps. It was AUD$600.
  7. i bought mine (the small one) in HK and it's $402 or $407, cant remember how much exactly... it's a little cheaper there :smile:
  8. You mean this one?
    Gucci -  Belt Bag -  Neiman Marcus

    $455 it seems like. I swaer, they were cheaper before because it was featured in Lucky ones. They said retail px back then was $399 or something.
  9. ^ I think it was $435 and they increased it to $455 now.

    There are two sizes. The smaller is $395 and the larger is $455.
  10. I just saw the mini pink one for $495 CAD this cute!! I was going to get it,but I think I'll save up for a purse instead...I like the white trim 'eclipse' tote - does anyone know where I can find this in Canada? It's not at Holts :sad: Does the Gucci store downtown have the eclipse still?
    Thanks:jammin: :jammin:
  11. how can you tell the difference between the fake and real ones?
  12. diorgirl, if you are talking about the vancouver one, i didn't see it the last time i was there. I wanted to buy that one too, but got the boston bag instead :P but i'm not sure if they still have it. You can give them a call 604-488-0320 :smile:
  13. I just bought the brown one from NM but i didn't know they had a smaller pink one!! so now i'm going to return it and get the pink one...thx for the info lily!! i love it for my upcoming trip to Disney!!
  14. I have one of those, its my only gucci bag. I love it!!!! I got it at Saks surprisingly it was on sale, it was for my birthday. Great bag to have!!!! If you go to a Gucci store they have them with the green/red belts (which i have), black belts, and it comes in pink and blue also.
  15. I just bought the small pink waistbag over the weekend at a Gucci outlet in NJ and got it for $239 USD!:tup: