Price of Evelyn?

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  1. Does anyone know the price of Evelyn? pm? no outside pocket and one pocket?

    I am new to the H forum, so I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask.
  2. Hi & Welcome! Last year mine was around $1675 (PM, Clemence).:flowers: Not sure how much the price has gone up since then?
  3. Almost exactly a year ago mine was $1,950 in clemence with the outside pocket (PM2). I think they went up to $2,050 with the last price increase.
  4. October 2007 antwerp store: evelyn GM2 (so with the outside pocket) black tourillion clemence: 1750 _ 1850 EUR
  5. I saw the Evelyn Clemence with an outside pocket for I believe $2025 (or maybe $2050) just the other day. So that is about the price now :yes:
  6. Dear Ms. BabyS:

    Pm is between $1650-1675, Gm is $2225, all still need to add tax and shipping still...

    Hope this info helps...
  7. Does anyone know how much the TPM size is and what leathers it comes in? After seeing one in the "Socialites and their H" thread I have been thinking about one...:flowers:
  8. I bought an Evelyne TPM in Epsom in March 2007 it was right around $1200 USD. I know it comes in Epsom and I believe the only other leather it came in was suede?? I am 90% sure it didn't come in Clemence.
  9. Thanks Cynthia! :flowers: Oooh I love Epsom!:tup: