Price of a 50cm Toile Travel Birkin?

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  1. Does anyone know the current price of a 50cm Travel Birkin in leather and toile combination? It is usually Clemence or Barenia on top with leather corners and the body is toile.
  2. I saw one last year but it was a Travel HAC. Taller than a travel birkin but very light weight. I tried it on and felt like carrying a lightweight garment bag. The inside lining was like a cotton/linen fabric. It was around $8000-. It looked so iconic.
  3. I've enjoyed seeing all your commentary and your collection on here JH! I do love the combo, but I am sad that the toile versions don't seem to cost much less. Maybe $1000 less than all leather. An all leather Travel HAC is about $8750 and an all leather Travel Birkin is $8950. Do you think the toile is high-maintenance? Is the interior the cotton chevron?
  4. Thanks castorny. I think it is a rare combination to find in a store especially in barenia/toile with palladium hardware. Personally, I would probably get one in a 40cm HAC so that I can enjoy carrying it as a daily cabas/tote bag. I like the overall look and aesthetic of this HAC combination. It is very original H design that still looks elegant and classic in today's world. Aside from being lightweight, you can fold the bag when empty. I like toile because of its linen material which I love and barenia for its wonderful texture reminiscent of beautiful saddles. Not to forget the wonderful contrast white stitching. Toile can be taken in for cleaning. It may not be all leather, but it certainly is lightweight and beautiful to look at.

  5. I really appreciate your advice. You have a tremendous collection and obviously take good care of your H. I think I am going to place the toile one step above the all leather Travel Birkin as my new most wanted bag. I have tried the 40 HAC before in marron fonce Fjord w/ GHW. It was gorgeous. But, at 5'10" and 160 lbs. it still managed to look too petite on me and the SAs in two stores (both men) had to agree that it still looked a bit too "purse" on me. I have a friend who is shorter and I think it looks great on him. I'm going to have to lug that huge bag around. My fantasy is actually a 45, but they have been discontinued and I don't forsee a SO in my near future!
  6. the hermes hac bag start at 8,000. and up depending size, hard ware and leather only 3 different sizes have been known the 40cm 50cm and 60cm i the that the dimensions on the 50cm are 19.5-L..16-H..10.6-W.
  7. the Hermes Hac bag ( Haut A Corriores ) weighs 10 pounds comes in togo leather in about 15 different colors ostrich in 60 diff colors and croc which cost the most in 30 diff colors a waiting list can take as long as 3 years