Price increase in Chloe??

  1. Hi, ladies:

    Have you noticed that the prices of the new styles of Chloe bags have increased significantly? Now most of the newer style bags are priced around $2000 price range, so with tax, that means the bag will cost more than $2000!? I know we have a weak US dollar and all but imo this is getting out of hand. Will you buy Chloe no matter what the price? Or is there a limit?

    Personally, I cannot seem to cross over the $1k mark. It just feels wrong to have the bag costing as much as my laptop:p. I will just stop buying, period. Will you switch to other brands if the price increases get out of hand? Say, Chloe costing as much as a Herme?

    Any thoughts?
  2. double Post, Sorry!!!!
  3. I do feel guilty when I spend over 1k for a bag:s. When I see people taking the bus or begging for change I really feel bad, sooo no way could I spend over 2k for a bag!!!!! It just doesn't feel right. The other day I seen a car for sale and the sign said $1750 and the first thought that came to mind was "thats how much one of my bags cost:wtf:".
  4. I can barely go over the 1K and just won't! I am never desperate enough for anything, and I always have patience and wait till a GREAT deal comes along. And they always do....
  5. I try and find my bags on sale, it makes it more fun to grab a good deal. I have a hard time spending big $$ on bags for many reasons, like Ali said, for some that could buy a new car. I have done it, but in most cases, the bags will go on sale. There are a few I've purchased that sold out or haven't gone on sale, but I think I'm done paying full price. I've made a decision to sell at least one for each new purchase. I have purchased just because it was a good price, but if I really don't love the bag, what's the point. My new goal is to fine tune my bag collection to the ones I really love and carry. Of course, I'm not getting rid of any Chloes....LOL
  6. Same for me :tup:
  7. I think that's a little high i mean money doesn't grow on trees.They are cute but not $200,000 cute!
  8. Like the other ladies, I go for the deals! :biggrin:

    I know I will always find another Chloe bag that I really like so I don't get attached to one particular style. I have a hard time paying full price, it's just not as fulfilling as the "hunt" - I am sooo lucky that tPF members are great at sharing info on deals. That's actually how I got started on Chloe... :happydance:
  9. ^^^ ITA.... I enjoy a bag so much better when I know I've received a fabulous deal:nuts:!!!
  10. Here at Chloe we are very fortunate that we can find deals?? Chanel lovers pretty much have to depend on used bags for bargains since Chanel rarely goes on sale and when they do it's not the real cute and desirable purses. At least we have our big sales to hold on too!!
  11. Hi!
    I am a person who doesn't change bags a lot(not as I do with jewelry), so I tend to look upon a Chloé bag as an investment. A lovely bag I'll always treasure and use until I'm an old hag=)
    I have been saving money and, honestly, you only live once=).:nuts:

    You guys are amazing!:upsidedown:
  12. The same here...but metally, it is still very, very hard for me to shell out over $1000 for a bag! Heck, call me a tech geek, but imo, so many lures out there that I would like to get costs under that mark...a brand new laptop, a plasma TV, a professional cooktop, my jade bracelet, ps3....So I guess, I would spend my$1000 first on those items first before shelling it out for a purse. On the other hand, I am this close buying the patent dome paddy full price. I just hope I don't get broken by the Chloe temptations!
  13. ^^^^SAvE yourSelf. RUN NOW!!!!!!!!!^^^^^^^
  14. Sorry, can't, legs firmly cemented in Chloe-LalaLand!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: