Price Increase..does every line get one??

  1. I wanted another item in Mini Lin and since this is new will it increase as well on Feb 1st?? Thank you..
  2. From the previous price increases it seems it's across the line increases.
  3. I heard everything is getting an increase.
  4. Thanks for your fast replies..better call my SA tomrrow:smile::smile:
  5. :sad: Me no likey price increase!!
  6. Seasonal pieces and RTW DO NOT get a price increase. Anything in the permanent line does.
  7. is the price increase worldwide?
  8. how come so many price increases lately?
  9. If this is so, then why didn't the Batignolles Horizontal get a price increase last time ~ :confused1:

    I do not believe it is across the board.

    I think only certain items qualify for a price increase, NOT everything! :graucho:

    Also, it has NOT been confirmed that there is going to be a price increase, a lot of speculation. Even the SA's are denying a price increase. Furthermore, I don't think February 1st has been confirmed either!
  10. the price increase sux!
  11. I don't like price increases. =*( Not good for the bank account.
  12. why do they keep increasing the prices??

  13. I think they are trying to up their prices to get in line with other brands like Fendi and YSL. But then again canvas vs. leather????

  14. I believe you're right. If I remember correctly the Epi line prices remained the same (I think it may have even decreased?)