Price Difference...

Oct 4, 2007
OC, California
I bought my Roses Pochette on eluxury and I was just browsing on ebay and noticed some people were selling them at 200 dollars. My question, why is that? If you bought something at one price why would you sell it for considerably less? If you didn't like it, why not return it at the store? Is it possible that they already have knockoffs and they are selling them on ebay? I am just confused as to if they are real, why sell them for so cheap of a price?

BTW, I am still anxiously awaiting my roses pochette. When will it get here already???? First time buying on eluxury ( i usually just buy it at the store), for those who have bought from elux before how long does it take them to ship out your order? I requested ASAP delivery but still don't receive an email that my order has shipped. :confused1: