Price difference for birkin across Europe?

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  1. Hi,

    I am looking to buy my birkin this year and would like to find out if there are any price differences across the different countries (and cities in the same country) in Europe. I know that some other brands have standardised their prices in Euros across the various countries and would like to find out if it is the same for Hermes so it wouldn't make a difference which country/city I bought my birkin in (except for the taxes of course).

    Please could anyone help? Sorry if this has been asked but I couldn't find any answers when I searched. Tks so much!
  2. Yes they differ in different countries, have a look on the Hermes website at comparitive products in different countries eg. in France a clic-clac is 395 euros whilst in Germany it's 409 euros
  3. I think it depend on the time though. In the 2 trips I've been to Europe, I've found one Birkin in Florence, and one in Geneva, but none in Paris. Both trips are in December though.