Price Decrease? Does it change your wishlist?

  1. So majority of the bags saw price increases. But what about those who decreased in price? Does it make you all want to add those to your wishlist?
  2. What bags decreased?!
  3. ^^^^^^

    Tell us, I'm doubtful.
  4. Are you meaning the bags that didn't get increased?
  5. Some prices decreased in Australia, perhaps the OP is referring to these?

    Price increases or decreases aren't really going to alter my's quite minor here in my opinion so unless something increases or decreases $100+ I won't change it!
  6. ^same here in the Philippines.. :smile:
  7. most of the stuff on mine is either not out yet or is shoes and accesories which thankfully werent affect at least not that I have seen yet....
  8. there was a 5% decrease in LV Thailand a month or two ago due to the dramatically strong Thai currency (The Baht) against the Dollar..too bad I got my stuff before that :push:
  9. I still have the same stuff on my wish list plus more.
  10. every item on my wish list went up. Total like $600 which could have been another bag for me. Oh well.
  11. Honestly, I am just happy when LV doesn't INCREASE their prices.

    So my wishlist will stay the same...
  12. It might prod me into getting something I was hesitant about previously but right now I just have saving to do in general.
  13. None of the bags that I wanted decreased and most of them went up, but no, my wishlist is still the same regardless of the price.
  14. I don't know about this time, but the last price increase, the BH went down by quite a bit, I know because my friend bought it and was uber PO'ed when she found out.
  15. I'm so curious to know which items actually decreased.