Previous seasons..MJ boutique availability?

  1. Hi all, for those familiar w/MJ boutiques, how far back in previous seasons do they keep bags in stock? For example, would I still be able to find a bag that came out like say, in '03, or do those bags eventually get passed onto outlets? Like Stella's, Sophia's, Blakes, and ZC's in certain colors or from previous seasons, I understand they'd still be sold at full price, but even at that..can they still be found in boutiques? Any input would be greatly appreciated! TIA! :heart:
  2. They only keep 1-2 seasons back but if you call one of the stores (las vegas is my FAVORITE) they can order things from their wharehouse, where they send older items. But its ture all things are full price and final sale.
  3. wow, what a good piece of information! Thank you so much, and you better believe I'll be calling the Las Vegas boutique!! Thanks again!!

  4. Ooh, interesting! Very good information to know.