Preventing Exposed Paddington "Feet"

  1. So I noticed that when I carry my paddington the feet are exposed. I am not a big fan of this.:yucky: First, is this normal and does it bother you guys too? How can we prevent this?

    Thanks ladies! :flowers:
  2. Do you mean they're exposed because the bottom "sags" and they can be seen on the side or something else?

    Because the only way I found for the sag issue (on a baby) was to put something fairly rigid down on the bottom (glass case or notebook). That usually takes care of it. Of course the bottom of my baby paddy doesn't sag as much because it's smaller.
  3. Yup, it's the sag syndrome that pushes the feet out to the sides. I know this fairly common. I'll try putting something rigid on the bottom.
  4. If you want to keep it light, try using the back of a notepad or something like that. Rigid yet pretty light. Or a plastic folder.
  5. Having the feet exposed doesn't bother me. In my opinion, the saggier the better!