Pretty sure this cannot be legal!!!

  1. :confused1: :s :push:
  2. Why would anyone even want that?
  3. please excuse my ignorance... but whats that used for?

    is it to wrap products in like at a store? what on earth would anyone want all that for?
  4. Well when you see a bunch of fake COACH bags wrapped in COACH tissue on eBay, you will know why.
  5. Thats exactly what I am worried about. Living in NY I see tons of fakes.:cursing:

  6. Good point!!! :tup:
  7. People also sell Coach boxes, ribbons & shopping bags on ebay. I bought a catalog once (that I had missed) & the seller sent me bags & ribbons with it.
  8. I didn't buy it but I keep a lot of the paper in good condition from when I buy purses. I use it as tissue paper for bags when I buy my friends presents from Coach.
  9. Look at the Current and Completed auctions of the person who's bidding on that paper - Selling that kind of item along with things like dustbags, gift boxes, etc is against Ebay's rules and one look at the bidder's selling history will show why:

    Use the Report link at the bottom of this page to report:
  10. Great catch, Hyacinth! Reported!
  11. Thanks all for reporting that buyer. They appear to have been suspended. Seems all of their auctions that had been won were pulled as well.