-:|:- Pretty Please Help Me Pick Out A Cosmetic Case ..... Pictures Included -:|:-

  1. Hey Everyone! [​IMG]

    Well, I'm looking for a Louis Vuitton Monogram case to store my cosmetics in and I am stuck on which one to get.

    I have narrowed my choices down to the Monogram Pochette Florentine, Monogram Cosmetic Case 15, Monogram Poche Toilette 19, Monogram Pochette Cosmetique and the Monogram Accessories Pochette.

    Out of these 5 choices ..... which one do you think is the prettiest?

    THANK YOU so much for your Comment and/or Vote in advanced! :cutesy:





  2. hmmm...............

    do you like the Mini Pochette?

    I like the Pochette, Florentine (might not be big enough if you carry around alot), Pochette Cosmetique

  3. I was actually thinking about including the Mini Pochette in the poll BUT I would prefer something that doesn't have a strap.

    If the Mini Pochette's Gold Chain Strap was completely removable then I would have definitely considered it.

    Thanks for trying to help! :flowers:
  4. I have the perfect thing for you. Go to your local boutique (they probably won't have it though) or call the 866 #. Tell them you want the accessory pouch that comes with the petit bucket. When I got it about a year ago, it cost $150. I also got the one that comes with the Marais (damier bucket). For some reason, that one was only $140. It is the size (same shape) between the mini pochette and the pochette accessories. It does not come with the chain or any strap (which you don't want anyway), but does have the gold loop thing. It is absolutely the best cosmetic case! I also have the pochette cosmetique which I think looks very nice and holds a lot, however, it is quite wide at the bottom and takes up a lot of the width of your bag. The pouch I'm talking about measures approx. 7 x 4 1/2 x 1 inch. Best bang for your buck!
  5. Monogram Poche Toilette 19.
  6. mongram poche toillette 19. The other ones are way too small and you wont' be able to fit a lot in it. I have had 2 out the 5 and i never use them beacuse of that reason....
  7. i love love the Pochette
  8. I love the pochette cosmetique one! I'm hoping to get it :smile:
  9. I love the shape of the Cosmétique, but if you want something versatile, the Mono Pochette can work several ways for you. Good luck deciding !!!
    It has the largest opening and the shape is perfect to sit on a counter top while you touch up your makeup
  11. pochette accessories! then you can use it as a bag sometimes!
  12. The pochette cosmetique. Very nice!
  13. Monogram Pochette Cosmetique!

    I love the shape of this one
  14. The regualr pochette is always nice to have. If you want to attach the strap and use it as a bag, you can!
  15. ITA!