**pretty little Protect Me Club**

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  1. Thought it might be time for a club since we're all starting to receive out protect me's.....and they're so darn cute. I haven't quite decided what I will use mine for, but it does hold quite a few business cards, cc's, and DL. I have placed my iphone in it and it's a pretty snug fit, but not sure it would be safe carrying it on my wrist without a secure closure.

    I ordered the dark purple glossy:heart:, it's not aubergine and it's not the purple sheen, it has a very durable finish and doesn't look like it will scratch easily.


  2. That is a truly wonderful colour, much better than the purple PM currently shown on the BE website.
  3. wow that's a completely different colour from the one on the website :wtf:
    gorgeous though - i prefer it to the website "dark purple"
  4. That's a beautiful colour!:drool: I wouldn't mind a whole bag made out of that - it's stunning!
  5. I love the color and LOVE your photos! -- The color looks so great next to those apples ! When mine arrives I'm going to find some complementary colored fruit and take the same picture !
  6. I thought the same thing when I first saw the color.:yes:

    and thanks everyone the color is very pretty, I like the texture of it. Finzup, it does look yummy next to the apples.
  7. I wanna play!!!!

    Charmed...that purple is gorgeous!!!! Is it the new purple sheen for Spring??? Getting confused but all of the "colors not matching" posts!!!

    Well....since I sent back my plum crash bag, I had to have something in that color...so here is my PM...both outside in natural light and inside with a flash!!


    and inside

    It looks so much more red in these pictures than it is IRL.

    The only thing that I don't like about my PM is that the plastic in the window part feels really fragile, like if I use it frequently it might crack. I also wish that the whole thing was maybe a half an inch longer so that I could fit my iPod in it.

    I think I am going to use it for my cards that I use all the time so that when I run into the store with the kids, I can just grab that out of my wallet and go. Either that or I will put the frequent shopper cards and gift cards in it and keep it in my bag attached to the key finder strap!
  8. Oooooo...I have two Protect Mes coming (hot pink and red)!!! I can't wait!! And everyone's pics look fabulous!

    dee, you need to post your wonderful pics here, too, hot stuff!!
  9. OMG-What a wonderful, wonderful purple!! I'm in love:heart::heart::heart:
    I must, really must have something in it! It's absolutely gorgeous!!

    vixn-yes, I also have one with a window i.e my husband, but I'm afraid he'll ruin the plastic -oh, well , interesting how long it can last!
    Is it really the plum crash ?-wow, it looks so different!
  10. what beauties!! Love that dark purple sheen, and we need to have that available for bags!!

    The plum crash is also gorg, and I think it shows up differently in different lights. OVerlighting makes it dark purply, lighting from the side can give it a red glow!! I love it so much.

    congrats, ladies!
  11. I would post a pic of my controversial Cobalt PM.....however I am afraid to as I've caused much angst today over this color...:crybaby:
    So if someone else has a Cobalt PM - I leave the task to you!!!
  12. #12 Jan 31, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2009
    I am the very happy owner of a plum crash protect me! (no window). I'll see about posting pics one of these days:smile:

    Looking it at inside, under the yellowish interior light, the cloror is a very deep wine like purple. It's quite lovely!

    I had thought about ordering the dark purple at one point, but i'm so happy to have the plum crash.

    I'm using it to hold business cards in one of the side pockets, misc rewards cards in the center pocket, and gift cards in the other side pocket. These are things I frequently don't carry with me, and then kick myself for not having! Now i'm all nice and organized.
  13. Don't be silly Bali!! Everyone totally appreciates all your input on the cobalt front.:yes: You've helped immensely! So don't feel bad, please.:flowers:
  14. I want to join this club! I'm just undecided on what color to go for... I love the red, but I really would like it with silver hardware and not gold. The pink and cobalt are also nice pops of color, and then of course, there's pewter too! I should have gotten in on the Plum Crash bespoke for the PM... because it is GORGEOUS :drool:
  15. I'm so sorry if I too have contributed to your feelings :sad:
    It was def not my intention at all-you really did a very good job!.
    I think it can be difficult to judge a colour from a small piece of leather, and I also think after seeing a colour in a larger scale or IRL it would be different.
    There are just some blues I don't care for, and I did not percieve the cobalt belonging in this group, when seeing the colour chart.
    So please post the Cobalt again!