Pretty In Pink

  1. congrats, that's an awesome price!
  2. That is a very cute bag. Usually I don't care for the special patterns, but this is one I really like. Congrats!:yahoo:
  3. Congrats!! Great price and very cute!!
  4. congrats! love the cherry blossom line it's super cute
  5. Congrats!! wear it well!!!
  6. congrats! you're going to love it, I should now, I have one myself :roflmfao:
  7. Pretty! : )
  8. congrats on a great deal! i've been seeing some of these go for a lot less than before.
  9. Congrats Kaye! I saw that auction and thought the price was great, but I passed because I don't need anymore pochettes. So thrilled that it was you who got it! :yahoo::wlae:
  10. Congrats! it's sooo cute!:heart:
  11. OMG congrats!!
    I was eyeing that auction...and was considering buying ANOTHER ONE! :lol:
    That one has a really nice placement of blossoms...same pattern on the front and back, that's so rare!

  12. Congrats - deal ! :yes:
  13. yeah, about the placement, i kept looking at both photos over and over again 'cause i thought i was *seeing* things but i realized i wasn't! it is rare to see the same pattern on both sides!
  14. yaaay, lulu! now we are CB pochette twins! i like the red/cream too but i think i've had enough for a while. are you getting much wear out of yours? btw, i linked you to an auction on these cute white MC wedge sandals. thought you might be interested in them but i wasn't sure. did you see them? :graucho: