Pretty in Pink & my 1st PILOT bag!!!

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  1. I was going to hold out for the Julianne in magenta, but they are sooo few and far between I decided to expand my Madison collection in another way!!!

    Little did I know that when I received the bag, it would be my very 1st PILOT bag!!! :yahoo: I think it's SO exciting that it was a SUPRISE!!!

    My next move is to find some gorgeous mix & match accessories to go with her. She's just so luxe and yummy...I might have to sleep with her beside my bed!!! LOL

    Here we go.........

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  2. This will most likely give it away, that's OK as I'm not one to draw out my reveals!!!

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  3. BAM!!!!! Don't ya just love her for spring?! She's the perfect size, and the fun POP of color is helpfull in these cold and dark winter days!!!

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  4. Here's some detailed pic's, and the MFF magenta wallet that is almost an EXACT match!!!! I love that the wallet has no hardware so that sher can go with silver tone or brass hardware!!!

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  5. so prettyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! :biggrin:
  6. May I know what a pilot bag is? Congrats! I love the color!!
  7. She is georgous alright!! Wonderful color for spring and now!!
  8. I love that bag! I am pretty sure I almost bought that exact bag but in a light babyish pink! I kind of wish I did now!!! It is such a practical style and will always be wearable!
  9. A pilot bag is one that was made to "test" the market for color or design. There are very few and they have a "P" after the style#/second set of numbers. They are usually only released in certain stores and/or certain areas!!! I've never been lucky enough to receive a pilot bag, and I believe the seller may have had more then one of these because the picture of the creed in the auction did NOT have the "P" after the style#. I'm glad though, it's my 1st pilot and I'm excited and greatfull to have it!!!

  10. I want a pilot bag! lol Gosh I think I need to invest in a bag in fushia or Jade, so pretty
    ITS THE SAME THING????????
  12. ^^^ YES it's the same thing, it is just one of the bags that was actually put out prior to full production to test and see how well it would do. Sometimes the PILOT bags don't make it into full production like this one did, those are quite rare!!!

    The medium Zoe was done in a camel leather as a PILOT bag and was not released for full on production. This means that if you didn't get one of the pilot bags you couldn't get one at all!!!! LOL
  13. Oooooo A! She's so pretty! Enjoy her!
  14. Very pretty! Love the hot pink! Congratulations!!!
  15. I'm so jealous right now! :smile: