Pretty In Pink....flap Is Here!!!omg!

  1. [​IMG]

    Not the best pic....sorry.
    i was playing with a coughing baby all night at a superbowl I woke up today with a fever and cough too..SIGH!(The baby was worth it,she was beyond adorable..hehe!)
    Its a rosy pink IRL..its dark and dreary in NJ its not picking up the best color here........I freakin LOVE THIS BAG!Card holder and new spring CHANEL shoes arrive tomorrow too!This is my all time fave color ever.....Im in love!:heart::love:
  2. Yes!!!!!
    Modeling Pics Soon! Hehe!
  3. oh and the chain is NOT long ........its not a messenger length one at all...just a heads up!
  4. Very pretty, at least it brightened up the horrible NJ day we are having!
  5. Lucky girl! Did you end up getting the med. size or is this the Jumbo?
  6. This was from CHANEL in HAWAII and I have to say it was packed INCREDIBLY WELL....I have never seen a bag so well packed.he included a CHANEL shopping bag too on top...Highly refer Garrett at CHANEL HAWAII STORE.

    ^Tracy..This is the medium flap.....Im ALSO getting pink in JUMBO...LOL...Can ya tell pink is my fave color?
  7. Oh Jill congrats!!! Is the Hawaii store cheaper or tax free? LOL I can only hope :biggrin:
  8. nah....I had to pay 7 % NJ TAX and full price...LOL...It was worth it...Im IN LOVE!
  9. very pretty! I wish I could be a pastel pink girl, because Chanel loves using that color. This is that washed lambskin right? It's gorgeous, love the chain!
  10. LOL I agree, it is worth it. Again I have to come back and drool :drool:
  11. Gorgeous bag! I hope they have one for me to drool over when we're in Hawaii in two weeks!
  12. Wow, this is beautiful! I love the color.:love: do you know the price of the jumbo in this color??
  13. I paid 2350 for this one....The jumbo Im waitlisted for is 2650 plus tax
  14. ohhhh it is lovely!!! you have wonderful taste! :drool::heart::drool:
  15. Simply gorgeous, congratulations Jill!!