Pretty cool- nice to know!

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  1. Soooooo- here in Alaska we DO have a Nordie's- but- they are BIG TIME into Coach! Not Balenciaga-- and I thought I asked the last time I was there but couldn't remember (I had my head in the LV clouds that month)

    So- I called the Anchorage Nordstrom's and the Handbag SA told me they didn't sell Balenciaga- BUT- if I gave her a style and color- she'd look it up in the system and find me one if other Nordie's had it available- with NO shipping cost to me other than from Anchorage to Barrow!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!

    (but how available are bbags in Nordie's?)

    Sorry if this sounds like a STONEAGE-style way of buying- yeeeeah- Alaska is behind in bbag time.
  2. That is exciting! Deffo a good thing for you to know, yay! :tup:
  3. I think so far Nordstrom's Sacramento (Arden Fair) is the only location that's carrying Balenciaga.
  4. ^--- heehee! I was wondering what the final "catch" would be! the SA's tone sounded WAAY too chipper.

    oooooooooook- thank you ICB- good to know!!!!!!!
  5. Alaska is behind in bbag time.[/quote]

    :lol: (I can relate) butI just have to laugh... Frozen... cuz at least Alaska HAS a Nordie's...... I live in Montana... there are NO NORDSTROM's here....!!!!! (let alone b-bags!)
    So thank your lucky stars that you are "one up" on us!! :yes:

    PS... we are "bag twins!"
  6. Well here in Ottawa we HAVE NOTHING...we have a holt renfrew....which carried VERY LITTLE...and only recently got balenciaga...and they have only Black, and truffle...some dark green...most holt renfrews have lots of different styles, but not ottawa....we really don't have anything...and that is in fact our only designer retail store! Ah well.
  7. That is great news! As an aside, I was in Anchorage, Alaska in January and it was gorgeous. Like a winter wonderland. I got the chance to snowmobile to a the glaciers and helicopter ride through the mountains. It was awesome. I also did the very touristy thing and bought a whale bone spirit mask. :shame:
  8. OOOhkay- I'll stop my complaining and " put my big girl panties on"

    heehee- heard that from a coworker - but not towards me- towards another whiner!

    Guinny! WOW!!! Awesome!!! Totally awesome!!!!

    Jbug59 my GH PT gives yours a big Alaska hug!!!!
  9. I hate to tell you this, but Nordstrom Sacramento is the only Nordie's that carries Balenciaga, and you must order directly from them. They will not ship to another Nordstrom, you cannot return to another Nordstrom. It works different from any other brand Nordstrom carries. Nordstrom Sacramento has a special contract with Balenciaga and those are the rules they set up. :cry:
  10. ^--- yep- I was informed earlier today about that- thanks again-----

    :yes: :flowers: everybody- !
  11. Bummer...I was getting all excited that I could have Bbags ordered to my local Nordies and it is the only large retailer in my area. On the plus side, when I do order from Barneys or NM, there is no sales tax since none are located in my state.
  12. And, you know what, chuggie? Not having to pay for sales tax nor, at certain times, shipping is such a huge plus! These Bbags are not by any means inexpensive, and being able to get them for less, no matter how much less, is like getting a Christmas present...if you celebrate Christmas, that is! ;)
  13. You're absolutely right Monsoon. Sometimes, I just wish that I could see more bags in person. When I do travel to NY, Boston, or Las Vegas I always make a special point to stop by stores, peruse the bags, and chat with SAs (if they aren't busy). As you note, the sales tax on these bags can be quite hefty and not paying it can eventually add up to a whole other bag or accessory. :graucho: