Pretty Chanel? No?

  1. Cream fabric would show the dirt, esp if you carried it as a clutch in summer (God I sound like my mum! :amazed: :lol: ) so if you were going to get one, leather would be more durable maybe.

    But if you're in love with it, go girl - it's gorgeous, there's no denying that! :love:

  2. I am not a fan. Compared to a beige lambskin flap.......there is no comparison. But if you like it! YOU GO FOR IT GIRL!

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  3. It's gorgeous, IntlSet. You have great taste :nuts: Chandi is right, it would probably show dirt more and be harder to clean than a lambskin or caviar flap bag, but if you like it, go for it!
  4. I would like it more if it was on lambskin :smile:
  5. I may be wrong, but the bag is showing some dirt already ? Tougher to maintain fabrics.
  6. No, I'm not lovin' this one, I prefer some of the other styles.
  7. I think it is very pretty! And a little different than the lambskin (which I also looove)
  8. I think it's pretty, but would probably go for a leather bag myself. This bag would make a great evening bag/clutch but its nothing I would carry everyday, or outdoors (to sensitive to dirt to make a great summer bag) but still: its very pretty
  9. I prefer leather.. cuz that would probably last longer and just looks of better quality. =) Go with what you want though, cuz ultimately, it is for you and nobody else:smile:
  10. I like it! I think it would make a really cute spring/summer bag. The only negative are the stains on the inside, that would bother me.
  11. a rare chanel, that i do not like....
  12. its pretty, but not my fav chanel
  13. It's cute, but it might be even more prone to stains since it's fabric.
  14. Thanks gals! I prefer lambskin, too, I think.