Pretty Blue Bags

  1. Give me your opinions on this bag...I like blue bags and don't have any at all. And please post pics of the pretty blue bags you carry. There are so many shades of blue that look nice so I am sure a person could end up with several different purses that create different looks. I would just like to see what your blue stash looks like.
  2. I like that bag a lot. Is it patent leather? It's a lovely color. The only blue bag I have is an LV Epi Jasmin in myrtille, but I have been dying to by an MJ Baby Stam in Amethyst.
  3. Nice. F Biasia, right? Saw a lovely blue bag on Zappos the other day, must look for it.
  4. trugem -

    I like the Biasia alot and have been eyeing her myself. But this one may edge her out.
  5. This is my Balenciaga Blueberry City :
  6. I was in the Jimmy Choo boutique yesterday, and the SA showed me a pic of the Mahala bag that is coming out in a gorgeous shade of bright blue for spring/summer. It's regular leather (not patent), and the color is similar to the Balenciaga blueberry above. I can't wait to see it IRL.
  7. I have a Bosca Seychelles Tote in bright blue, and an Abro handbag in a bright blue. Love them both!:yes:
    Here is the Abro handbag:
  8. I also have this NAVY Prada Backpack:

  9. I like the bag but that shade is a little too light IMO. Here are my blue beauties.

    Hermes Birkin and Marc Jacobs Blake

    Balenciaga City and Dooney & Bourke bag from years ago

    Michael Kors bag and Judith Leiber bag
  10. A 'Twiggy' in teal is my only blue bag and it is gorgeous - it was such a departure for me in both colour and style and I use it so much, and get compliments all the time. Great size, great colour, great buy!
  11. My new Carlos Falchi. It's much better looking IRL than in these pics, so you'll have to use just a little bit of imagination!
  12. Oops, sorry about the post above. Forgot to hit the "upload" button. And I'm an engineer! :noggin:
    Falchi 2007 002.jpg Falchi 2007 003.jpg
  13. Someone in the Chloe section has a gorgeous new blue Betty, I think it's Chloe-Babe, check it out!!!!