Pressies from the Crown event

  1. Hey fellow TDFers,

    It was great seeing you guyz at the crown event *wink wink snowypam*. Did everyone enjoy themselves?? I loved it they had all the LE bags availabe from last season I only went in and out so I didn't get a chance to see the weekenders or any of th new ones, did anyone get a chance?? Although we didn't get any gifts but I luv the fact they took pictures of everyone with polaroids (so old school!!!) with the new yrs cards, something simple but memoriable.

    I managed to hold of a mirror cosmetic pouch in gold so lucky because I just brought this dress for a wedding from Hanni and I was stressing over finding the right acessories, I'm a silver pink purple person so I had nothing at home then I was surfing though TDF and the idea came although I was waitlisted for the both mirror cases, I was leaning towards silver but it was on hold for someone else, I guess it was fate! Without more words here are the pics! Oh I got to crown early so I though I will "JUST" window shop but this caught my attention at PRADA thank god I didn't have time to go to any other stores! Hubby scolding me again =) :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
    DSC00289.JPG DSC00287.JPG DSC002861.jpg DSC00290.JPG DSC00291.JPG
  2. i love the dress!!
  3. What a pretty dress! Careful you might outdo the bride! Congratulations on the miroir purchase! ;)

    What was the crown event? Just out of curiosity!
  4. Congrats .. love all your purchases:heart:
  5. lovely!! congrats :yes:
  6. Oh I love all your goodies, congrats! :yes:
  7. Good that you had a great time at the event. And I love the miroir! Congratulations!
  8. Nice :nuts: Congrats :yahoo:
  9. congrats..Gorgeous.:tup:
  10. love the dress!! and the perfect accessory to go with it too!! ;)
  11. So lucky you got to attend the event! Congrats on your miroir!
  12. lovely, congrats!
  13. the Mirror cosmetic pouch is a perfect match to your beautiful dress. they really should call it evening clutch instead. that Prada pochette is beautiful too. thanks for sharing :smile:
  14. Ooooh I love the case with your dress, so cute !
  15. wow that dress is just gorgeous (may I ask who makes it?) and it looks PERFECT with the miroir cosmetics case! I also absolutely loooove the color of the the pressies!!!