Presenting Ms Juicy Sweet Tomato, and friends! Collection pix included

  1. So a while back I got it into my head that I needed a gorgeous, slouchy RED..

    I looked at all the red photos on here and decided I love true or blue reds but not orangey reds. There was a mint Rouge Vif Day on eb*y that I bidded on, BUT the seller backed out and cancelled the auction and my bid so it was not meant to be...

    Instead thanks to AndySach's and several other lovely TPFers comparison pics.. I realised Tomato was just as good, if not better!
  2. Yay! I :heart: Tomato!! Please post pics soon!!
  3. It has been 4 minutes. Where are all the pics of this red goodness that you mention?!

    *Taps foot.

  4. :roflmfao:

    I've been refreshing the page.
  5. Here she is... Ms Juicy Sweet Tomato! In perfect condition from a lovely TPFer who was so reassuring when I was freaking out about the delayed shipping.



    The leather on her is really thick and soft, but more matte than some of my other bbags. There is no visible veining. :love:

    She tends to look a smidgeon bit orangey tomato under bright sunlight.
  6. quick Jo_ee please relieve us from the torture :rolleyes:
  7. It's BEAUTIFUL!! :nuts: Look at that scrumptious leather!! You bagged a winner!! Congrats!
  8. Oh wow! :nuts:


    what a sheer of perfection :tender:
  9. Any more pics?? :p
  10. Oh, still awaiting for the collections pics :yes:
  11. [​IMG]


    Here she is, with my LE LV Pomme D'Amour Cles, & an apple at the bottom. The apple is actually fake, it holds a delicious appley smelling hand cream and I got it from Hong Kong when I was there last on holiday. :nuts:
  12. Ummm, that leather is so gorgeous and chewy looking!!! Congrats on finding a gorgeous tomato!!
  13. I feel bad about interrupting :shame: your posts, Jo_ee, but I love Days and Tomato makes me :nuts:. Your Day is just soo yummy!! CONGRATS!
  14. I would also like to officially introduce my new puppy to my dear bal tpf friends. Her name is Rika, (Ree-ka as in Costa Rica) and she is currently 11wks old and a Maltese/Shih Tzu cross. She's very smart and has already mastered Sit, Drop, Over (Roll over) and Stay. We're currently working on Bang! (playing dead) and house training!

  15. Beautiful! Congrats!!!