Premium Exchange (Round 3) Sign Ups

  1. Not really changing anything from before so I'm copying and pasting old rules. I've added a few extra things such as a note about vacations and missing members

    Alright ladies I'm opening signups for the next Round from now until April 10th:cool:

    PM me if you would like to sign up by saying that you have read and understand the rules:smile:


    The only polishes allowed for exchange are:
    NARS, Rescue Beauty Lounge, Chanel, Dior and Deborah Lippmann

    The polish exchange rate is One for One. Full size only, no minis
    1. All polishes must be atleast 80-85% full or more
    2. Polishes must be completely intact and in top condition No missing caps
    3. Please no old polishes with goopy or runny formulas. Use your best judgement.
    4. Must record each polish that you are taking out and putting in. When the box gets to you it is required that you to take inventory that everything is marked correctly and nothing is missing. Please PM me if there is an error when you receive the box.
    5. The box must be sent with $200 insurance and signature confirmation in a medium flat rate box. We strongly recommend printing your postage online to avoid problems. MUST PM the person your tracking number after you've shipped the box. It is your responsibility to track the box until the next person has recevied.
    6. Box MUST be re-shipped within 3-4 days of receiving max. This is important because we need to keep the round going with minimal delays. If everyone has a delay for personal reasons it can really slow the box down. PM me if issues come up that can't be avoided. No vacations during the exchange time please, it causes confusion. If you will be on vacay please skip signup for this round and keep watching to participate in the next round
    7. When your name is coming up on the list please PM your address to the person before you. So make sure you are checking to see when your name comes up so there are no delays in waiting for your address. If you go missing during the time that your name comes up, you may be skipped. The box must be signed for so no shipping to PO boxes unless a postal rep has agreed to sign for your packages
    8. Each participant must actively post in the thread while the exchange is going on. This is the main purpose of the exchange, to create excitment and conversation among the group. If you sign up for the exhange and don't participate in chatter, you may not be allowed in future rounds.
    9. Must be an member of tPF for atleast 6 months, have atleast 500 posts and be an active member in the Beauty and Makeup forum. Post history will be checked
    10. Duplicate polishes will be capped at 2. If there are already 2 of the same brand/color then you may not put it in the box until the next round. We want to keep the box versatile ;)
    11. No spoilers about what polishes are in the box. Its a suprise! But feel free to post sublte hints to keep it fun and exciting.
    12. In order to help up maintain self control :p there will be a cap of 10 polishes maximum per round that you can remove. There is no minimum, you can exhange only one if you wish but please cap yourself at 10.
    13. When you PM me to sign up please tell me the State where you live
  2. I thought we had done away with the insurance requirement last time? Are we bringing it back this round?
  3. I think I remember what you're referring to, nordysgal, since polish is hazmat it can't be insured or something like that? I remember shipping with signature confirmation but no insurance.
  4. I was hoping Illamasqua would be allowed but I understand if not. :smile: Sent you a PM!
  5. The signature confirmation eliminates me. I can only get to the PO on saturdays because of my job. :sad: Have a great round ladies. Can't wait to see reveals.
  6. I use a po box because I work crazy hours and never catch the post man. My box is at USPS and they just hold the box until I come sign for it. Does yours not do the same?
  7. Woohoo PMed to sign up!

    I also thought we did away with insurance.
  8. Yeah insurance is gone. I copied and pasted from an old threa and didn't delete that part. In the last round we agreed that all participants would contribute to replenish if the box is damaged or lost.

    Signature confirmation IS required. Must pm the confirmation number to the recipient upon shipment
  9. I think they would. I just don't want to hold the box up if it arrives on Monday and I can't get to it until Saturday. It wouldn't be fair to everyone else. I'll have fun watching the reveals. No worries!! :biggrin:
  10. Oh ok. I misunderstood u. I understand.
  11. Thanks for clarifying! That's what I figured, but wanted to be sure. PM'ing you now!
  12. I need to clarify something -- the rules state please no vacations during the round. But how long is the round going to be? I have a vacation planned in May -- would that be during the round?
  13. When does this round start? Im in school till early May so just curious :smile:

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  14. I'm in!
  15. Signups are until the 10th and the round will start after the shipping order is made. So, maybe mid April I'm thinking. Depends on how many sign up