Preloved Unicorn Reveal!

  1. Hello ladies!
    This bag passed under my radar when it was originally released and I've never managed to nab one. I caught this one during NPN's recent sale and am absolutely thrilled with her!
    Ready to unwrap her:
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  2. Just a little peek:
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  3. And ... Ta-dah!
    Welcome to Miss Oversized Fox Lock Alexa in foxy-shaded nubuck and patent leather ...
  4. Close-up of the fox-lock:
  5. WOW Such a great Alexa!!!
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  6. Thank you, dear Sunfeather; she's got a bit of colour transfer on her back, but I've sprayed her with Collonil nubuck spray; hopefully that should keep further mishaps at bay!
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  7. Collonil will help!
  8. Foxy lady! Or should I say, secret squirrel.......:smile: great purchase mayfly , hope you are on the mend
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  9. Congratulations Mayfly, it's such a rich colour and the hardware makes it very special :smile:. Will we be seeing it at Costa soon?!
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  10. Wow, so pretty! Congratulations!
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  11. Stunning bag. Congratulations!
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  12. Ooooh lovely addition!

    Get well soon
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  13. Holy cookies!!!!!! What a stunner!!!!! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::tup: enjoy!!!!
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  14. congratulations for such a beautiful extraordinary bag! I was also tempted when I saw her on the website- but no, I really have enough bags! But the nicer the surprise to see her again in good hands in this forum!
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  15. Hee hee; thank you, dear NY!
    My horde has had a fox-shaped hole for far too long - and I've recently rediscovered my love for the Alexa, so it was meant to be!

    Thank you, dear Pessie; the colour really suits the foxy style and I love twisting his little snout to open the bag!
    A visit to Costa is definitely on the cards soon; not sure what I can set up in the absence of Father Christmas reclining in the whipped cream ...!