preloved, keep or return?

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  1. your opinions/advice are welcome as i need a bit of guidance. i bought this envelope clutch for a steal from yoogi's (475, i had a coupon), but 1) it's missing the strap and 2) i have never owned a clutch like this and wonder about its usefulness. it's rouge cardinal, in excellent condition, and i had been wanting something bal red and different from a traditional bag, but would you guys advise to keep this or no? my intention was to just buy a generic strap from ebay as i really like crossbody bags. i already have 9 bal items so it's not like i *need* to keep this... just wondering if it's a good item to add to my collection, or maybe let it go back and save for something else that is more traditional?? any opinions on this item?

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  2. I think it looks gorgeous. If you don't mind using it as a clutch I would keep it. I have 2, one in classic black and the other in gris aluminum (silver) and I love them and they hold a lot. Your red looks very special...but that is just my opinion. Goos luck deciding :heart:
  3. I would definitely keep that and use it as a clutch for nights out.

    The red is so eyecatching and brings a nice pop to a simple outfit.

    And the giant hardware dresses it up so nicely!! I really like this purse.. I am envious of the price you got it for!

    If I owned this bag, and if it had a strap (I didn't realize envelope clutches had straps); then honestly, I would not even use the strap and use it handheld.

    Good luck deciding!
  4. Personally I like the envelope clutches better as clutches than as cross body. also, there are known issues with this style not staying closed when worn using the strap. If there is any weight to what you put in the bag (a heavier wallet, for example), the magnet is too weak to stay together and the bag falls open. As a clutch, I love it. And red with silver is beautiful.

    +1 for keep it.
  5. Add me as +1 for keeping it! I LOVE that color & since you said you don't have that style it might be nice to experiment with it.
    THANKS s.tighe for your helpful info! I've also been considering the clutch & I liked the strap option too but it's good to know in advance of its limitations with magnet,etc if you put too much inside.
  6. I don't believe that this is missing the strap; the clutch wasn't made with the strap for this Year/Season (Rouge Cardinal).

    It is a beautiful color; I would just use it as a clutch!
  7. I don't like this style with a strap. I love the Envelope Clutch though so I would keep this :tup:
  8. The reality = If you're having doubts and hasn't been love at first sight return it. That is what I sincerelly would do.. Save the money for something you really love:smile:
  9. It's a nice clutch. Maybe you could use it for awhile, then sell it?
  10. thank you everyone very much. it's interesting that you all agree to use it w/out a strap. i shall keep it based on your advice and use it as is... the worst that can happen is that i have to resell it back to yoogi's in a few months! it came with all of the original receipts and tags and etc. i guess the previous owner just disliked the strap too and tossed it:smile: i attached one of the tags it came with for reference.

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  11. I have the Classic Envelope Clutch in the color Mangue. This is the version that doesn't come with a strap at all. I carry it all the time during the spring and summer. I personally really like small bags and clutches. This bag is really great for carrying in the hand or carrying under the arm if your hands are taken. It all comes down to whether you would carry a clutch or not.