Pregnant Nicole Richie Candids

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  2. she looks great but i am not sure about those shoes,,,,

    i mean i know ppl can wear heels when they are pregnant but what about the off chance you trip or stumble normally you are only risking maybe twisting your own ankle or scraping yourself up

    but when you have a baby in you ,,,, i dunno falling can be WAY serious,,, :sad:
    so i am not sure i really like that shes walking around in shoes that big
    BUT i am SO glad she is eating and looks better and healthier!
  3. IMO, I do not think she should be wearing shoes that high. Your center of gravity is already off enough as it is once you start carrying weight out in front while pregnant.

    She looks nice though! Healthy!!
  4. at least she looks healthy!
  5. She seems to have been wearing a lot of long dresses while she is pregnant and to me that is something you can trip on too. I wonder if she is mature enough to take care of a baby? She can't really take care of herself, but then she got pregnant and was she still drinking and doing drugs before she knew she was pregnant? She looks healthy so to me she has to be trying. I really hope it all falls in to place for her.
  6. I'd break an ankle in those shoes.....she won't be able to wear them much longer in a few months!!!!
  7. She looks great, but I really don't like those shoes.
  8. If she falls with those shoes that is dangerous for the baby. What is she thinking?

  9. ITA. :tdown: