Pre-treating Miu Miu Nappa bag

  1. Hi:

    I walked out in a very light rain 2 days ago and my Miu Miu satchel has a couple of rain spots on it. Most people would not notice it, but I know it is there. What's done is done. But, what can I use to treat it now? Since it is light tan, I am afraid it will get dirty easily also. What can I use for cleaners?

    The first day I used my Coach bag, it poured and it has seen many more rainy days. but, not a spot on it. I did not pretreat it and it cost a whole lot less than my Miu Miu. For that kind of $$ I expect more from the bag.
  2. I did the same thing with my Miu Miu deerskin hobo...see my post below. I am taking it into a shoe store that Saks recommended here in Atlanta. I'll let you know what they recommend.
  3. Anyone? I am sure ya'll pretreat your bags. Any recos?
  4. when i bought my miu miu nappa the SA told me not to pre-treat it as due to the nature of nappa leather, the pre-treatment might stain the bag..she said it's part of the nature of nappa leather to have such gives the bag character haha! my miu miu nappa is quite stained too but i can't really be bothered that much about it cos it TORE!! now miu miu's taking like 2 months to repair my bag i kinda forgotten how badly stained my bag was \: