Pre-order question

  1. Is it possible to cancel a pre-order from BalNY? I ordered a blue-grey city but i'm scared it may be rather light for me (I prefer darker bags). I'm assuming that the s/s colors will be more vibrant, and perhaps I should wait til then. :huh:
  2. yeppers, i'm pretty sure it's fine to cancel a pre-order :yes:
  3. As long as you cancel before they call you it's ok.
  4. You can cancel a pre-order, just make sure you get a cancellation confirmation number and write it down in case they ship the bag anyway. I don't think the blue-grey is going to be really light, since it is a fall is supposed to be a sort of dusty teal color. Maybe between teal and Dolma green. But if you are worried, you might want to wait until you see them in person (although I have a feeling the blue-grey will go FAST in the City size...I have had one on pre-order since the swatches came out). There is also a blueberry color which is a darker blue, but not as dark as the ink from spring 06. After speaking to Joseph, the bag should be really close to this photo:
    bluegrey part time.jpg
  5. They didn't give me a cancellation number. However it was probably because Kim told me they weren't getting any parttimes in blue-grey and took my name off the list for me (for the bag and the wallet).
  6. This is true and spot on advice from ETenebris.
  7. I also just pre-ordered a Blue-Grey City! Leslie at BalNY told me that she ordered only 20 Blue-Grey Cities - far fewer than she ordered in the Grenat.

    I have also been having doubts about the Blue-Grey color for the same reason you are. I think I'm going to keep my preorder, though, because they are ordering so few & it might be a long wait for the next batch. If I don't like it, I will probably be able to exchange it for a Grenat or a Blueberry.
  8. They only ordered 20??? WOW. I am glad I got on the list first thing! Definitely NOT cancelling my order! (Now I just wish they would get here!!!)
  9. Yeah - I was shocked at that number too, but I guess they think it won't be as popular a color. I didn't ask her what number I was on the list, but the assumption underlying our conversation seemed to be that I would be getting a bag from this first batch. Hmmm...I better call to find out what number I actually am!!! :smile:

    I think she said they would be getting here in mid-July -- did you get an ETA?
  10. When I spoke to Daphne yesterday, she told me they had a scheduled delivery time of August, but they usually get their stock in earlier(like this recent shipment of Pre Fall 06 wasn't supposed to arrive until July). She said they'd probably get the Main collection in next month.