Pre-Order a Purple Matinee from Delcina...

  1. here. It looks pretty.
  2. Ooooooooooooo........ more suede lining under the flaps and pockets? Aw, one of the best things about my matinee is reaching in and feeling the soft suede on my hand.
  3. Too bad the hardware isn't silver.

    Beautiful bag though! Thanks for posting.
  4. if I didn't already own 4 purple bags, I would definitely consider this one. The violet/lilac combo is sooo nice!
  5. I'd be head over heels in love if this was solid purple!
  6. is this supposed to be the violet?
  7. Why, yes! Yes, 'tis!
  8. the gold hardware looks really good on this color.
  9. I like silver hardware because I'm a "winter" ( anybody remember Color Me Beautiful?) but my mind is about 95% made up to get this.
  10. Is "Color Me beautiful" a hair color????!!!!!!
  11. No, it was a book of the early '80's that my Mom was into, telling you what colors to wear based on your skin tone, eyes, etc.
  12. LOL! I just remember learning about summers and winters in my high school fashion merchandising class. I didn't like those 'rules', plus I could never figure out what I was supposed to be.
  13. HHAHA my mom had that book too and the VHS. I was obsessed with it. Too funny!
  14. Whats VHS??
  15. VHS is regular video tape (it is the one that won the format war in the 1980's, like HD DVD and Blu Ray now). I think it stands for Video Home Standard.