Pre-loved, re-dyed white First

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  1. Some of you who read the Authenticate This! thread know that I took a chance on a white First last week. It's from Spring '04 so has the pewter hardwear and a longer shoulder strap. It had also been re-dyed to remedy an ink stain. Apparently two other people had originally bought this bag - the first just backed out, and the second one got it and returned it, saying it had been "painted" not dyed.

    So I was a little nervous to get it and see what I'd actually bought, but it arrived the other day and I love it! The leather is more papery than the original Bal leather would have been, but it does appear to be dyed rather than painted, and some leather moisturiser is softening it up nicely (although I don't expect it will ever be anywhere near as nice as it was originally). The leather has turned just a little bit creamy, which I like; I didn't want a super-stark bag. It's definitely authentic and I love the silver hardwear on the white. It's also perfectly broken in and slouchy, just the way I love my bags. Overall, a wonderful bag for $500! :heart:


    P1010003.jpg P1010006.jpg
  2. I was actually eyeing that bag as well, but like you was a little nervous about it being dyed. But what a beauty! And what a steal! Congrats! :wlae:
  3. wow congratulations! a great deal I say. I thought the longer strap stopped in s/s 03? I'm confused:confused1:
  4. ^I wondered about that too. The seller was very nice and super-helpful, but she was advertising it as a City, so I don't think she knows a whole lot about Bbags. Someone else speculated that because the inside tag is leather, it is actually probably an '03. (Which is actually even cooler!)
  5. It is an 03 because the metal tags didn't come about until f/w 03 s/s 04. Great steal;)
  6. I think she looks great & I love the SH too!
  7. Beautiful:smile: Such a steal. Congrats!
  8. Lovely bag, and I wish Bal hadn't dropped the silver hardware. It looked so pretty with so many colors. Congrats on a great buy....'03 WOW!!!!
  9. Congrats!

    You got a great deal on a gorgeous bag:yahoo:
  10. It's really pretty. No one will know that the bag has been re-dye...I think it's beautiful! What a great deal that you have too!
  11. Congrats!!!
  12. Congratulations!

    What a great find! Looks beautiful, re-dyed or not!:yes:
  13. great deal cheshire cat! glad you like her. hold on to her, she's a rare one and beauty!!!!
  14. It looks great - not painted at all.

    Well done
  15. for $500 that's a great summer bag!