Pre-Loved LV and the LV Store

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  1. Hello,

    I have shopped at the LV store and currently have one SA I go to for everything I need. I am interested in purchasing pre-loved LV and wondered does anyone have experience with repair on LVs your SA knows you didn't purchase at the store? Have your received any push back or attitude from your SA?
  2. The only run in I've had with LV are positive with preloved pieces.
    I found a pochette accessoires last year in multicolore blanc, and it was sold to me with no dust bag, no box etc.
    I took it in to have it authenticated. She authenticated it for me, and said it looks amazing, almost not used. When I left, I asked if I could have a carry out bag, bc it was raining. She said: oh let me pack her up for you. She packed it in a new box, a dustbag and leather around it, like it was new! What a lovely touch! I love SA's like that!!!!
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  3. Wow! What an experience! It would make me extremely loyal to that SA. Thank you for sharing with me. I love hearing about the great service one gets at the LV store.
  4. I think if you are familiar with your SA or the store, it should be okay. I have brought in pre-loved pieces before (I buy both brand new and used) and I have had no issues with the exception of one time where I casually mentioned a pre-loved item in conversation and the SA looked a little disgusted (sorry, but that's just the best way I can describe it). Keep in mind, I never ask for favors or exchanges if I find a flaw on any of my pre-owned items, but only because I don't consider myself a VIC.
  5. I've never personally brought pre-loved but I can't see why a SA would treat you poorly because of it. If you're concerned and your SA asks about it (I'm assuming that it's the Babylone you asked about earlier?) then just comment on how it was passed down to you by your mom/aunt/grandma etc.
  6. Hello, yes indeed, it's the Babylone. You were absolutely right; I love it and it feels delicious carrying it. Glad I decided to get it. :smile:
  7. Those nice wide straps really make a difference on the shoulder, especially when the bag is full/heavy. Would love to see some pics if you have any!
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