PRE-fall/winter vs. fall/winter

  1. So according to AtelierNaff, these are the new colors:

    Noir (Black)
    Truffe (Mushroom)
    Sapin (Forest Green)
    Grenat (Oxblood)
    Blanc (White)
    Rouge Vif (Fire Engine Red)
    Bleu Roi (Blueberry)
    Greige (Cement)
    Marron (Olive Brown)
    Camel (Light Caramel)
    Blue India (Blue/Grey)

    But does anyone have it straight which ones are PRE-FALL/WINTER 2006, and which ones are FALL/WINTER 2006 (and come out about a month later) ???? There seems to be some confusion. :blink:
  2. The camel, marron and blue india are all fall 2006. The others are pre-fall.
  3. yep, the last 3 come out later