prayers for piggie as he crosses the bridge....

  1. my mom adopted our neighbor's cat cat piggie after she died about six months ago. he was older, ginormous and stinky as all get out.....but the sweetest cat in the whole wide world.

    after you got past his funny way of breathing (due to his nose running constantly like a two year old's....even though the vet said nothing was wrong) and his tendancy towards dirty (have you ever met a cat who refused to bathe himself? i had to give him baths in the tub....and the first time i did, the bath looked like mop water!) he loved nothing more than to be cuddled and petted....except maybe laying in the sun and rolling in the dirt (crazy cat) then coming to lie on your pillow (gross, but endearing). if he wasn't in bed, he was at my neighbor's house just sitting on the warm porch.

    he's been missing since monday night/tuesday morning. we searched our neighborhood for hours last night, including sheds and city buildings, but couldn't find him anywhere. he's not here again today. he's never been gone from our house for more than a few hours without visiting someone in the neighborhood....NO one's seen him in days. he didn't show signs of being sick, but he was older (older than i even thought)....we think he went away to die like cats sometimes do. he was only in our lives for a very short while but he will be sorely missed. he's with his original owner mom now and hopefully my brother will give him some love for me too....

    farewell piggie kitty. thank you for loving us.
  2. Awe sooooo sad. :sad: Maybe he still might come back to you. If not, RIP Piggy.
  3. aww. Im hope he does come back! My cat when I was little went missing for like a week then all of a sudden reappeared. I hope this is the case. If he doesnt...I send my regards.
    Please keep us updated!
  4. Awwww I'm so sorry. But I believe pets come and go in our lives for a reason :smile: I'm sure if he has gone on, he will be very well there...

    Rest in peace little Piggie :heart:
  5. Any Piggie sightings? I'm hoping that he was only on vacation instead of gone gone :sad:

    Your family did a wonderful thing by taking care of him after his other family passed away. I'm sure your love and affection was much appreciated, even if you were only able to share a short amount of time with him.
  6. Sorry to hear that, ilzabet. Hope Piggie does come back. If not, may he rest in peace.
  7. I hope he comes back, but if he doesn't, may he rest in peace. That was so kind of your family to take him and give him a loving home until the end of his days.
  8. I'm sure he'll be back..maybe he was in search of a female companion.
  9. so sorry that you have to go through this -- not knowing is terrible. you were wonderful to take him in.
  10. Oh my gosh..So sad! :crybaby: I hope & pray Piggie comes home to you!
  11. day five....still no piggie. :sad: i put in a report with the county and the city, just in case he turns up somewhere. of course part of my heart still hopes he's just on vacation....but it's not very realistic. if he were a younger cat or had regular episodes of wanderlust, maybe....but at 13-14-15+(?) he just isn't that way. (but OH would i be SO happy if he turned up tonight or in the morning!)

    my step mom (different from the mom he lived with) pointed out today that at least he went naturally and not in pain (that we knew of) and we didn't have to go put him down. she put down two of our family pets two years ago in short succession and she said even though there was NO question about whether she would go and be there for them at the end, it would have been so much easier if nature had taken it's course. which i suppose is true. not to mention our neighbor's kids' wanted to put him down when she died because he was so old no one wanted i guess the fact he loved us and we loved him for six whole months is pretty darn awesome. (edit: i just realized it's been almost a year....not six months. so even more amazing.)

    i always forget how much you miss a pet when they're gone...and so far this is the first one that i've actually been close, yeah. new experience. and not very fun. but circle of life and all....

    thank you for all the kind words.
  12. I hope lil' Piggy comes home soon. I said a prayer for him. (((hugs)))