Prada zipper pull

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  1. Hi
    Does anyone here own nylon or saffiano lux tote bag?
    Can you check if this is a normal zipper pull?
    They look kind of different?

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  2. Saffiano lux tote zipper pull
    Is this normal zipper pull?
    The font is different?

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  3. the second one definitely looks's mine from my saffiano lux 20160610_153545.jpg
  4. Different bags, different zipper pulls, but no way to authenticate it with only zipper pull photos.
  5. Different years, different ranges, different materials, different colors, different fonts, different stitching, different folding - Prada "tweaks" details like this all the time. It's what makes authenticating so much "fun".
  6. Hi thanks so much for your pic
    But the R gap here (between the curve n leg ) isnt so obvious ?

    If you dont mine can you share pic of the key chain tag stitching
    The stitching of the back side isnt so neat🤔

  7. Get the feeling we're just talking to each other here, Figgyroo? :rolleyes:

  8. :hrmm:Hmmmmmm........often.:true: