Prada Tessuto Nylon & Leather Hobo


Dec 30, 2005
I recently found a great deal at Filene's Basement on this purse:'Women's+Accessories'&pagename=prod

However, I have never looked hard at a Prada in person anywhere ASIDES from Filene's Basement...and I realized...that the metal tag on the INSIDE of the purse was upside down and I'm confused! I guess it would be the right way round if I were using the purse and looking for something inside the purse.........but I'm not 100% sure this is how it's meant to be...

Can anyone tell me if this is how Prada does it? Or if Filene's Basement has some fake Prada purses in it's stock???
I have a small nylon MV519 sport and it doesn't have a tag like that. It is actually right side up, but not the triangle you have on the outside. It may vary from model to model or something, I have no idea. It's my sweats and t-shirt bag. All in all though, these bags are really hardy and take quite a bit of abuse (gatorade, food spills and so forth). I think the price is a little high though for closeout.

I find it hardly unlikely though that Filene's would have fakes and if so, I am certain that they would take it back.