Prada saffiano zippy wallet vs LV clemence epi leather

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  1. I'm planning to buy a new wallet.
    Btw Prada saffiano zippy wallet and LV clemence epi leather.
    Has anybody have any comments about theese wallet. Pro and cons??
    Actually I like Prada saffiano but I think that the quality of Lv is better.
    Thanks in advance
  2. I have never owned a Prada wallet, but I have two Louis Vuitton epi wallets and they have worn extremely well.

    My first Louis Vuitton wallet was an epi Zippy and I used it for close to ten years. People were always shocked when I told them it was close to ten years old. The ridges do become a less prominent over time, but the leather holds up very well. Finally, this year, I decided to get a new wallet and picked up the epi noir Sarah wallet. So far it's also worn very well. My experience has been that epi leather is very durable and carefree.

    I haven't had a Prada wallet so I can't speak to the quality, but I have had a Prada saffiano bag that Prada is currently exchanging for me because the leather cracked after less than a year.