Prada Psycho - Can u help?

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  1. Hi - Can't get no sense out of anyone at Prada in the UK. They don't know what sizes the Saffiano Top Handle Satchel comes in. Showing on the website in 34cms length but i thought they made it in three sizes, Bond Street have told me it comes in two sizes - Westfield in London have told me it only comes in one!!
    So, Prada Psycho, you have showed me pics of your two lovely bags, white and prunga, they are in different sizes, would you mind telling me their measurements. Maybe now i'll get a straight answer from members of TPF as to the sizes that this classic bag comes in, oh and colours too as Bond Street said it just came in Black and Brown.
    Many thanks
  2. Have you tried using the private messaging system to get her attention?
  3. Give it a while PP will reply its only early morning in NC :smile:
  4. Please use the PM system for private messages.......!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.